Sunday, September 24, 2017

Summer fun

One day at the park she started doing the monkey bars like she loves to do and was able to complete the course. She was so proud of herself, and I was even prouder that after a year of trying she finally succeeded.

Lizzy getting her hair cut

Lizzys new look

Sydney wanted a cut like Lizzys, so now both girls have short bobs.

William got his foot cut on something and because it wasn't closing up I ended up having to take him in to the doctors. It took a two nurses, me and the Dr. to hold him still long enough to clean his foot and put a glue stitch on his foot. He wasn't supposed to get it wet for a week, but did about 4 days in (camping and playing in the lake). Now he has a scar but its all healed up.

Jake and Lizzy on our new front porch

Family movie night. My little Pony. :)

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Lagoon 2017

July 26th 2017. Lagoon this year with my family was kinda weird for me. We arrived around 12:30 pm. The extended family, mainly Tami and Jason, and Crista and Blair, and some of the cousins came. We did the haunted castle very first thing this year. Sydney went with Shayla, William went with me, and Lizzy with Jake. William wasn't as freaked out as I thought he would be. We spent some time in kiddie-Land riding some rides, and then We headed for Rattlesnake Rapids. So we were wet and drying most of the day. And we did it twice, once without my dad and brother, and then again with them (after the log flume ride). After the rapids, we went on the log flume. Which is actually super boring. At this point  mom took Lizzy and William in the stroller because we were trying to get them to nap. They finally fell asleep for her (as my dad and Spencer were headed to the rapids) and she took them to the trailer to nap. We spent some time in Kiddie Land with Sydney and Savannah. On our way to the trailer to meet up for dinner, we took a pit stop and took Sydney on the Colossus. She loved it.

Since the exit to the park/but entrance to the trailer park was right there by Colossus we popped out to go to the trailer for dinner. They kids were awake by then. After dinner we got back in the park, and ended up leaving Lizzy and William with my parents and Jake and I  took Sydney on some of the more bigger/adult rides. She was tall enough to go on Colossus, and Wild Mouse, and Spider this year. She loved them!She went on Colossus 6 times that day. And it has a couple of swirls in it where you go upside down!

William surprisingly hated the rides! He screamed and cried on everyone of them and didn't stop until Jake or I was holding him after the ride. Even on rides where we were next to him, he just screamed.

Lizzy had a lot of fun this year.  Near the end of the evening Jake just stayed in Kiddie-Land with Lizzy and took her on a bunch of rides. While they were doing that, Sydney was going on Colossus over and over with my brother and dad. And then went on a music spinning ride with my mom. And I watched over William who was sleeping in the stroller.

 I felt really guilty about not being there with the other kids, but I told myself that I had seen Lizzy go on rides before, and William didn't want to go on any, so it was ok to spend time with Sydney for an hour.

The park closes at 10 pm. For the last hour before the park closed, it had gotten a little chilly, and windy. I could tell a storm was coming. For a while there Spencer and I were watching the lightening happening off in the distance. And right at 10 pm rain started falling. So we got to watch the beauty of lightening off in the distance while we were driving home.

He was crying so hard, that the minute the ride ended Jake ran in there to get him.

Rattlesnake Rapids

The Colossus

Lizzy is in the pink shirt in the blue car

Sydney is in the pink shirt in the purple car

This year Lizzy was actually able to drive the car. Last year she didn't touch the wheel, but this year her and Sydney kept bumping into each other. It made me laugh.

Wild Mouse

The Spider