Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Elizabeth's Broken Leg

Thursday evening the kids and I joined Sarah and Shayla at Airborne Trampoline in Draper. Well at about 6:40 PM Shayla was trying to do a jump and Lizzy ran on that same trampoline as Shay was coming down. Lizzy landed awkwardly. She immediately started crying, and I just thought she got scared. But after she didn't stop crying for a min with Shay and Sydney trying to comfort her; I got up and took her. She started crying harder when I lifted her up and so I went and asked an employee  for an ice pack thinking she just twisted her ankle. So I held the ice pack on her ankle and we just sat on the stairs and she started to just whimper while I held her. After sitting there for a while I decided that we couldn't stay for the rest of our time and that I needed to get her ankle checked out to see if it was worse than a sprained ankle, because I couldn't get her to put any weight on it. So I handed her to Shay so I could get William and Sydney ready and called Jake to ask him what I should do. I just happened to call minutes before the bus showed up, after asking Sarah to see if she could come pick up Shay (I would take Shay to the Maverik right off the Timp Hwy exit because Shays car was at Sarahs) so I could pick up Jake from the train station so we could take Lizzy to the Instacare.

William had fallen asleep in the car, so Jake stayed with him while I took the two girls inside. While waiting for the nurse to come Sydney needed to go to the bathroom, and then while waiting for Syd to get out of the bathroom Jake came in with William, who had woken up. So Jake took Lizzy back while I waited for Syd. We got back there, they asked a couple questions, and then took Lizzy for an x-ray. Jake went with her, and after a minute I could hear her screaming all the way in our room. So I went into the hallway and was debating whether or not I should go to her, Jake came back in the hallway with her. After hearing her scream I knew it was broken, because I don't think she would have been like that if it was just twisted.

The doctor came in after looking at the x-rays and told us we had to take her to Primary Children's ER because the bone was completely detached and had slid to the side and her leg needed to be straightened before they could set it and wrap it. She also said that as of this moment Lizzy couldn't have any food or drink. So I called Shay to see if she could come babysit, but she didn't want to be out that late, and I didn't want to drive to Sarah's and let them be babysat their, plus we were told no detours on the way to the hospital. I couldn't get a hold of Spencer, and I found out later that he was in a movie. So I called my dad and asked if they could come down and take Syd and William home while I stayed at the hospital with Jake.

Jake took Lizzy into the hospital and I took Syd and William to go get some food. At about 9 PM my parents came and got the kids, and I headed into the back to find Jake. My poor sweet lizzy. Every time Jake or I moved away from the table she would start crying. We put a movie on the phone to distract her. I was there for 5 minutes before the Orthopedics Dr came and talked to us about what he was going to do and asked if we had any questions. I asked how long it would take for her leg to heal up and he said between 4 and 5 weeks. He said after they straightened her leg, they would put a splint on it and that the splint couldn't get wet at all. And that in a week we needed to bring her to the clinic and they would put a cast on her.

I was there probably 20 minutes (Jake had already been there almost an hour) before they started setting up everything. They put an iv in her hand, and she didn't like that at all. Screamed her little face off. And then they put a pad in her palm and wrapped the whole hand up so she couldn't pull the iv out. After that people started bringing in all sorts of supplies. After I had been there for about 40 minutes, they were getting ready to start and I got called into the hallway so that the Admin lady could ask me some questions. Jake sat on the bed with Lizzy during all of this. It ended up being ok, that I was answering some questions, because while I was doing that Lizzy got sedated with ketamine and Jake got pushed into the back corner out of the way (everyone wearing led vests to cover themselves during all the x-rays). There was a nurse holding Lizzys head, that way during the procedure since she would be knocked out they could make sure her airway wasn't blocked. Then there was the nurse who administered the drugs. The x-ray lady. The Orthopedics Dr. And a second nurse, and an intern. Because I was in the hallway, I ended up having the best perspective. I couldn't bring myself to watch as the Dr took Lizzys leg and began to twist and pull (all while taking x-rays) to put straighten her leg. The whole thing took about 30 minutes. Sometime in the middle I rushed in and leaned over the bed and grabbed Lizzys hand because she was shaking so hard. She gripped my hand, and while I was holding her hand the meds started to wear off and she let out a cry and they had to give her more. After a while my back started to hurt so I let go of her hand to stand up. But it was heartbreaking to watch her shake like that. Apparently that is a side effect of the drug, that it makes the kids shake like they are cold.

After it was all done we were told that we had to stay an hour that way before we left the drug would have worn off and they could make sure she was alright. Before the nurse would leave our room she wanted to see Lizzy's eyes, and her responses. So Jake and I started trying different things to wake her up. And because it was 11:30 PM and the drugs knocked her out she looked so peaceful sleeping (which she needed) and it broke my heart to have to wake her up. Watching Lizzy come out off the drug was quite funny. Jake did a sternum rub, and that did the initial trick of getting her to open her eyes. It took 5 minutes of her opening her eyes and then closing them, before she could keep them open for longer. But she kept moving her head from side to side and opening her eyes really wide. Watching her eyes, you could see the confusion in them. They said the drug would make her forget the last couple hours. It took about 10-15 before she could speak, and even then her speech was pretty slurred. Her first words were "I'm dizzy" as she moved her head from side to side. As she woke up more and more we were able to get her some drink and then food. She played with Jake a little bit. But her favorite thing was still to move her head from side to side and say "I'm dizzy." We got discharged from the hospital a little before 1 AM. Lizzy fell asleep in the car. We got home gave Lizzy some Tylenol because it wasn't time for the ibuprofen yet. Mom and dad cleaned the house and did some dishes for us, and I am so thankful for that. They left my house at like 1:45 AM and they got home shortly before 3 AM because the canyon was bad to drive in so they had to go slow.

Lizzy did really good during the night, and then the next day she laid on the couch the whole day. She got pretty bored, but we tried some things to help keep her occupied.

At the instacare

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The break is right above her ankle. In the picture it is the the right of the big letters on the x-ray

The mouse on the picture is pointing the break.

getting an iv put in her hand

getting an iv put in her hand

getting an iv put in her hand

getting an iv put in her hand

getting an iv put in her hand

trying to make sure she is getting oxygen before they put her under for the procedure

The ortho dr setting her leg

The ortho dr setting her leg

The ortho dr setting her leg

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