Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Our trip to Arizona. Summer 2018.

Our trip was from Sunday, May 27th-Sunday June 3rd.

Day 1: Sunday, May 27th.
There was a lot I still needed to do that morning before we headed for the airport. So I didn't get to sleep in. We left for the airport about noon. And our plane took off around 2:30 PM. Since we have traveled through the Provo Airport a few times now, I knew what to expect. What I didn't expect was having a problem with going through security. I had forgotten that I had pepper spray in my purse. Well they had to re-scan my bags twice, and then hand check my purse until they found it. And then because I had checked luggage they were able to put it inside that. I left the pepper spray inside my suitcase the whole week so I didn't have that same embarrassing thing happen on the way home.
Anyway, we sat in the lobby for probably 30ish minutes until we got to board the airplane. We got to see it land and that got William quite excited. The kids were pretty good in the lobby, so it wasn't too bad, but they got a little restless near the end of the wait time.
We got to board through the back of the aircraft which made it really easy since our seats were the very back row of the plane. The girls sat on the right side and William and I on the left. Since the third seat of each row was not taken up I had the girls put a seat between them before we left. So Lizzy sat on the aisle seat, and Sydney took the window seat. I had the aisle seat and William the seat in the middle right next to me.
Upon take off William and Lizzy and Sydney screamed a little since the flight was tickling their tummies, but I had to remind them not to scream in closed quarters. Lizzy didn't want anything really during the flight. She just kind of sat there watching everything, and playing with the tray table and books in the back of the seat. Sydney colored a beautiful page in her coloring book. And William played on his tablet, with the tray tables and books, and even managed to climb out of his seat with my back to him while I was talking to Lizzy once. At that point it was lunch (ish) time and I was hungry. So I bought M'nM's and Pringles to share with the kids. Cost me $6 bucks. Whew! But that satisfied the kids for the most part until we were able to land.

Getting off the plane took a little bit, because they didn't deboard on the back end and so we had to wait for everyone in front of us to clear out first. They kids immediately ran to Lydia and gave her a hug. then we had to wait about then minutes for the check luggage bags to get to the conveyor belt. So the kids ran around and got into trouble while we waited. The weather in Mesa wasn't horrible yet, so up on leaving the airport my body wasn't horribly shocked by the heat.

The kids got inside the truck, and they all immediately liked it. Williams carseat was reclined a bit. Lizzy had her own booster seat (not a full back booster so the seat belt bugged her neck some), and Sydney had leg space to put her feet up.

The trip to Lydias house took about 30 minutes. 

Monday, June 4, 2018

Pictures from May

 Above: the girls picked me some "birthday" flowers

 Below: 3 picture series of William looking out our roof window on the car

 Bindy taught William to ride

Below: Next 4 pictures.  Banjo was limping and his foot got swollen on Sun, May 20th. So that night we talked to Lydia and she said that if the swelling didn't go down by morning we should take him in. So I called early that morning to schedule an appointment for the vets office. They couldn't get him in until after 3 PM. Well Bindy was coming to watch Lizzy and William while I went into Syds class, so I hurried home and Bindy stayed to watch all the kids while I took Banjo to the vets office. They took an x-ray, came back ten minutes later to tell me  that Banjo had broken his dewclaw bone (which the bone was still in his paw even though his dewclaw had been removed as a pup) . It was a clean break and didn't need to be set at all. So they gave us some meds and we headed home after I paid $250. :(
They said it would take between 5-6 weeks to heal because he was older and overweight. He weighed in at 142 lbs. So we locked him in the basement so he wouldn't have to walk down stairs to go to the bathroom.

May 15th we went to the zoo. We got a membership pass for this year so we can go to the zoo as often as we want.
The kids had a lot of fun. Because Sydney was out of school, but school wasn't out there was almost no one there. We got to watch a snake moving around its cage for about 10 minutes. The kids loved it. The animals were all pretty active.