Friday, April 13, 2018

Grandma Harveys Easter Party

March 31, 2018. This year my Uncle Johnny and his family came down from Washington state to go to General Conference so we were able to have them here for the Easter party. We had the party at Julie's house. We ate first and then did the hunt (after the adults hid the eggs of course). The kids ran around getting as many eggs as they could. I wish he had hidden some harder for the older cousins. Brielle kept re-hiding her eggs after taking out the candy, so some people kept finding more eggs after they were all gone because of her. She thought it was hilarious. Sydney pouted a little at the end because there wasn't any more eggs to find. Once the kids dumped out there candy, we got ready to leave. Before we left Shayla had found a garden snake and Sydney, Savannah, Alex, Issac, and Lizzy were all trying to hold it and look at it. At one point William wanted to so I had Jake go over and hold the snake so that he could help William. Well while Jake was holding the snake Sydney touched its head and the snake started biting Jake. By the time Jake had walked to the garden to put it down, it's teeth were in pretty deep and it struggled to get them out of Jake's skin. Eventually after a couple minutes Jake helped it wiggle lose. And Sydney was afraid because the snake bit Jake and because there was blood that she would get bitten too. We had everything in the car, and then Grandma Harvey asked us to stay and decorate eggs. So we did. The kids a had a lot of fun decorating their eggs; especially Sydney. It was really nice to have all, but 6 members of our family, at the Easter Party. Those who couldn't make it were Brittany (aka Brock) and her girlfriend, Brandon and Miranda (live out of state), Tyler (who is serving a mission), Zachary missed the big group photo because he was working.

From Left to right:
Back row: Molly, Johnny, Grandpa, Grandma, Brayden, Jason, Tami, Megan, Julie, Emily, Heather, Scott, Shayla, Ashton, Katie, Crista, Blair, Eric.
Front row: Lauren, Spencer, Brielle, William, Dan, Sydney, Teresa, Oaklee, Sarah, Brady, Alyssa, Jake, Elizabeth, Kristen, Alex, Brayla, Issac, Doug, Savannah, Audrey, and Bryson.

 My mom and dad gave the kids Easter gifts.
Zachary got there right as we were leaving so I had to get one picture.